Case Studies

McConnell International supports our clients' success, which is measured not only by large contract awards, but also by incremental growth, renewals, obstacles avoided, and enhanced reputation among government decision-makers.

At MI, we use our combined experience in congressional appropriations, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) procedures, and federal departmental management to identify opportunities for our clients — sometimes before the government agency has identified the need itself. Assisting our clients in the pursuit of these opportunities is key to our business.

We tailor the roles we play on our clients' teams to meet their specific needs. You can find these various roles highlighted in the case studies that follow.

For years, an MI client had been unsuccessfully trying to secure long-term funding for its products and service offerings that were used by a regulatory agency. Even though the client's products supported three of the most mission-critical programs in the agency, the agency yearly employed a "pass-the-hat" funding approach among headquarters and regional users of our client's services. This created great uncertainty in our client's revenue stream from year to year.

One MI client was concerned that an agency's acquisition strategy for wireless communication services was so restrictive that it would lock the firm out of competition. Our client strongly believed that an open architecture approach using commercial off-the-shelf technologies would best serve the agency. We agreed and, at our client's request, MI:

Our clients often believe that winning one contract in a department smoothes the way for an easy expansion. In reality, different bureaus and services within a department have their own cultures, mission needs, and acquisition practices. One of our clients, for example, enjoyed a good reputation providing IT support services for an office within a department. When the client sought our help to expand to another bureau, MI:

We not only help clients win new work, we assist them in successfully performing on the resulting contracts. One MI client was involved in a program that required changes in government employees' jobs. The entire program was at risk because of resistance from the workers and their union.

An MI client was interested in an opportunity at a civilian agency it had never before approached. A "win" was critical because it would position the company in a new role across government as a business solutions partner. MI immediately worked to:

An MI client had, in the past, secured a department-wide software license, but major agencies within the department were bypassing the license and going to competitors instead. Our client sensed a "bad feeling" on the part of department executives whom it believed were intentionally not promoting the product.

A client requested MI's advice in answering a "Buy America" tactic used by a competitor to our client's disadvantage. MI helped by:

An MI client who had been an agency's sole source provider of global business information for 25 years was in jeopardy of losing a contract renewal for its product. Agency decision-makers had lost sight of the product's value and its potential for solving evolving mission needs.

MI led our client in a multifaceted renewal strategy in which we:

  • Helped facilitate educational sessions for agency users of the client's global information database. The sessions assured the agency that the information provided was accurate, timely, and supportive of mission.
  • Employed our understanding of the agency's mission to help create an executive overview for the agency's political appointees and senior career leadership who were critical to the funding approval process.
  • Determined that our client's products could provide additional support to the agency and worked to create a demonstration of these capabilities.
  • Arranged and participated in meetings that convinced the right agency officials of our client's ability to help them be trailblazers in conducting business electronically with private sector and government partners.

Our client's contract was renewed with a significant revenue increase and the ground was prepared for further growth within the agency.

A client with an existing presence in the federal market had a new technology that could significantly increase revenue, but the company needed a high-impact means of making the federal community aware of these expanded capabilities.

MI's unique understanding of how money flows in government significantly benefits our clients. For example, OMB directed government agencies to implement a plan to complete Certification and Accreditation (C&A) of their information technology systems. MI had been closely monitoring this development and quickly realized that C&A needs could be a good opportunity for one of our smaller clients. We notified the firm immediately and with this "jump" on the competition, our client started developing expertise in C&A standards and procedures.