Bruce McConnell, the Founder of McConnell International, has written columns for Federal Computer Week. Please click on the links below to read some of his columns. These links will open a new browser window.

Lines of Responsibility by Bruce McConnell   1/9/2006
Commentary: Federal CIOs need to change. They should either increase their capabilities or reduce their responsibilities.

Mission Is The True Driver by Bruce McConnell   6/6/2005
Commentary: Clinger-Cohen Act - The big changes have come from events rather than new laws..


Do CIO's matter? by Bruce McConnell   8/9/2004
Commentary: Federal CIOs must measure and communicate the value of IT.

IT as more than an end. by Bruce McConnell   6/7/2004
Commentary: McConnell critiques Nicholas Carr's book "Does IT Matter?". Carr says "No." McConnell says "Yes, but..."

Federal track record by Bruce McConnell   2/23/2004

Commentary: Bruce McConnell predicts how the federal government's IT infrastructure will be viewed four years from now in three critical areas: people, value and trustworthiness.

Convincing Congress by Bruce McConnell   12/8/2003
Commentary: Fiscal 2004 appropriations activities are winding down with many loose ends remaining. 

Organized change by Bruce McConnell   11/17/2003
Commentary: Neither government nor industry is organized to deliver the maximum value of information technology investments to citizens. 

Progress on stovepipes? by Bruce McConnell   10/6/2003
Commentary: The Bush administration is in danger of losing momentum on the toughest management problem in government: Cutting across stovepipes.

Managing expectations by Bruce McConnell   9/2/2003
Commentary: Will we look back on the dot-gov bubble?

It's all about information by Bruce McConnell   8/4/2003
Commentary: Information technology doesn’t matter because it is information that matters.

Not just a commodity by Bruce McConnell   7/9/2003
Commentary: Risk management is now the most important task.

'Infodemic' antidote by Bruce McConnell   6/9/2003
Commentary: Infodemics are not new. For centuries, public panics have crashed markets.

Rethinking 'Netiquette' by Bruce McConnell   5/5/2003 
Commentary: With the onslaught of wireless devices, we are again challenged to arrive at norms for social behavior.

It's about people by Bruce McConnell   3/10/2003
Commentary: Companies that want to do business in Washington must make a long-term investment in people.

Information access: Finding balance by Bruce McConnell   2/10/2003
Commentary: What is the balance between public protection and the public's right to know?