I have been convinced since my earliest days at the Office of Management and Budget that the challenges our nation faces demand the best joint energies of government and industry. When I left government in 2000, I founded McConnell International LLC, committed to forging productive partnerships that apply superior private sector innovations and services to high-priority public needs. During my time at McConnell International, its intensity and commitment deepened as government faced more profound domestic and international challenges. McConnell International's reason for existing is to answer the need for partnerships between its industry clients and government that not only prove successful for both parties but, ultimately, best serve the citizen.

— Bruce McConnell, Founder, McConnell International LLC


Our Mission

McConnell International promotes successful partnerships between industry and government. We help our industry clients win new business, shorten sales cycles, and expand existing contracts. With such strong partners, government works better.


Our Values and Commitment

  • Pride in our years working for and with the federal government and in our role as trusted advisers to government and industry.
  • Dedication to honesty, mutual respect, and the highest ethical standards as members of our clients' teams.
  • Belief in bringing value to all parties by identifying the best private sector technologies and services to enhance agency mission performance.

We are coaches, strategists, and catalysts.

McConnell International's outstanding network of Executive Consultants brings diverse expertise in both the public and private sector, representing 500 years of combined experience in nearly every federal agency. Our clients tap into this resource to improve the skills of their marketing and sales forces, develop market strategies that are creative but realistic, and help break up bureaucratic logjams.

We excel at business development and teaming.

In providing our services to you, McConnell International Executive Consultants draw on deep institutional knowledge of federal agency missions, budgets, priorities, and challenges. We can help you build marketing and sales plans that produce revenue growth and enhanced profitability. In addition, our Executive Consultants' wide-ranging contacts — from Fortune 500 companies to 8(a) and women- and minority-owned firms — mean we can find you the perfect match for productive alliances.

We don't just advise your team, we join it.

At McConnell International, we have a unique point of view and innovative approach in working with our clients. Our Executive Consultants are not merely "drop by" consultants. We partner with your executives and work daily with your marketing and sales teams. As illustrated in our Case Studies, our Executive Consultants bring you opportunities and work side-by-side with you to capture them.

A quest for excellence is part of our business strategy.

Our business is driven every day by finding the latest and best answer to the question: "How can we help our clients succeed in the government marketplace?"