Our objective with every client is to be your trusted adviser and, in turn, make you a valued partner and provider to government customers.

McConnell International is constantly upgrading and adding to our services to meet the changing needs of our clients and the marketplace. Our newest services, described in detail below, are:

  • Winning-edge proposal coaching.
  • Executive recruitment.
  • Optimized portfolio investments.

While our services change, our underlying value of providing these services through an outstanding team of Executive Consultants remains constant. All of our work is performed by hand-selected professionals who have executive-level experience in the government and/or industry and have a fire-in-their-belly to make great things happen for our clients and for our government.

Our services lead our clients into win-win relationships with federal government agencies and with other industry players. Competing for new business is costly, and we help clients maximize their return on business development investment. We help our clients secure new business, shorten their sales cycles and expand their existing contracts.

We provide our clients:

Intimate working knowledge of federal agencies.

McConnell International clients benefit from our inside knowledge of agency funding priorities, internal politics, and acquisition processes. We coach individuals and teams on the culture and dynamic forces at play across the federal government arena. Our marketing intelligence allows you to gain a winning edge on the competition and build a reputation for delivering services and products of top value. MI works with your marketing and sales teams to break down barriers and navigate the entiregovernment procurement cycle to successfully capture opportunities in full and open competitions, sole source procurements, and multiple award contracts. MI delivers:

  • Intelligence about funding support, user requirements, key decision-makers, and the competition.
  • Client-tailored information on legislation and program budgets.
  • Opportunity-specific insight on agency internal politics, personnel, and processes.
  • Customized briefings on government initiatives such as those in Homeland Security, e-government, and e-grants.


Targeted go-to-market strategies.

McConnell International ensures that your marketing and business development efforts are strategic, focused, and successful. We help your business achieve breakthrough leadership and growth by anticipating and responding to government needs and industry competition. We align your business with the federal marketplace and help your team construct marketing and sales strategies for use with a single agency or across multiple agencies. We help you target high-revenue opportunities and important emerging government initiatives. McConnell International's strategic support services include:

  • Briefing your company on mission-level government needs, trends, and opportunities.
  • Aligning your products and services with government initiatives.
  • Participating in bid/no-bid decisions, teaming decisions, capture strategies, and proposal efforts.
  • Modifying your branding and marketing to target the federal marketplace.


Government-industry relationships at the executive level.

McConnell International opens doors for your business and coaches you in communicating effectively with key decision-makers. You get the opportunity to present your capabilities, services, and product solutions directly to influential government executives. McConnell International ensures effective communications that lead to trusted relationships in which our clients become the government's providers and partners of choice.

These public-private partnerships engender distinctive, significant, and lasting improvements in mission-critical government performance — a winning outcome for the public and the nation. MI works with your business to:

  • Develop call plans and arrange the right contacts.
  • Understand the needs of the agency and tailor the message to the customer.
  • Coach your executives on how to communicate effectively with the government.
  • Participate in key meetings with government decision-makers and provide feedback after each meeting.


Winning-edge proposal coaching.

Determined to prepare a winning written proposal and deliver a ‘close the deal’ orals presentation? Our winning edge proposal coaches guide you to success throughout the proposal cycle — from bid decisions to the Best and Final Offering and negotiations. Our government expertise brings your proposal team a deep understanding of government cultures, hot buttons, budgets and mission needs — and helps you weave them into your technical and cost solutions and proposals. Our industry experience helps you make the right Bid-No Bid decision, select the right partners and survive the impossible RFP deadlines. We coach you to deliver the winning and best value proposal by:

  • Helping you develop the winning strategy and sell it to top management.
  • Building a realistic (cost and deadline sensitive) proposal plan with you.
  • Working closely throughout the proposal process with your proposal managers, solution developers and writers to ensure your proposal speaks to the government audience, addresses their needs and answers the RFP.
  • Doing client and competitor assessments.
  • Strategizing with you on the winning team and the winning price.
  • Coaching the oral presenters so they instill trust and confidence in the buyers.
  • Participating in red, blue, gold team reviews.
  • Holding an end game review.


Executive recruitment.

McConnell International offers a personal recruiting capability that ensures you have the key personnel critical for your success. We know that a successful placement must match both your organizational needs and the candidate's needs. Our own experiences as executives in the private sector and the Federal government allows us to understand those needs and to identify and recruit top-notch candidates from either the public or private sectors. We have a proud track record in helping clients identify and hire the talent needed to deliver products and services that meet your and the government's needs. With our search service, McConnell International:

  • Offers advice on your leadership needs and conducts senior level searches across a range of industries, technologies and skill sets.
  • Helps craft your targeted job descriptions and advises you on competitive compensation packages.
  • Invests the time and effort to find the right candidate for your corporate culture and your company.
  • Helps sell your organization to the candidate.
  • Takes a long-term approach to help you staff and build businesses the right way with the right people.


Business teaming arrangements.

McConnell International matches your business with the right partners to effectively compete for prime opportunities. We help you determine when teaming is essential in the government marketplace and create partnerships that work. How can we play matchmaker so successfully? We pair our established relationships with Fortune 500 companies, medium-and small-sized firms, and 8(a) companies with our strategic understanding of agencies' vendor environments, history, and preferences. We are highly proficient at helping clients form prime/sub relationships, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and other forms of business teaming. Our matchmaking skills include:

  • Identifying the best teaming partners for specific opportunities.
  • Helping you develop and articulate your value to a team.
  • Introducing you to key decision-makers in companies.
  • Counseling you on effective teaming agreements that not only help secure contracts but also ensure substantive work after contract award.


Optimized Portfolio Investments in Government Sector Firms.

McConnell International minimizes our clients' risk in acquiring firms in the government market and optimizes their investment's return. Our executive-level experience in private industry and government allows us to rapidly assess whether the products and services of potential acquisitions have traction in the government market and can realistically meet near- and long-term revenue and margin goals. We fill interim management gaps during transitions. We develop and help implement revenue growth and future-sale strategies. McConnell International promotes your investment success by:

  • Assessing the viability of target acquisitions in the government market.
  • Refining and helping to implement the government go-to-market strategy of your portfolio companies and providing and assisting transitional management.
  • Positioning portfolio companies for future sale by focusing market plans on the exit strategy, developing cachet in the government acquisition community and targeting government clients and opportunities with value to future buyers.


International business services.

McConnell International works closely with senior government officials, private sector leaders, and civil society in over 100 countries. These trusted relationships, coupled with MI's in-house intelligence and reputation as a discerning voice on the emerging digital economy, help our clients to win more business, capture new markets, and minimize the cost of international business development. McConnell International clients experience:

  • Strengthened relationships with key decision-makers, up-to-date market intelligence, and critical insights on unique opportunities.
  • Business plans and strategies that leverage local conditions to your business advantage.
  • Secure teaming with local partners and strategic relationships with influential e-leaders.
  • Idea leadership expressed in white papers, speaking engagements, and presentations that distinguish you from your global competitors.