At McConnell International, our executive consultants work with our clients to achieve their business goals.  Their experience and contacts across the Federal government provide the agency insight that puts our clients ahead of their competition.   We draw upon supporting professionals to augment our teams whenever needed.

Charlotte Bryan

Charlotte Bryan is a nationally recognized expert in aviation security with over thirty-six years of Federal experience including senior management responsibilities at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Key assignments at agency headquarters and in Brussels included senior responsibilities for aviation security policies and programs and stakeholder relations with U.S. and international airports and air carriers.

Edward F. Cincinnati

Edward Cincinnati has over thirty-two years of federal experience, primarily in the management of large service-related organizations in the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.  As a member of the Senior Executive Service, he directed a diverse staff of senior and mid-level officials in the areas of strategic planning, budgeting, human resources, information technology, security, procurement and training.  Mr. Cincinnati is an expert in budget issues, having served as Executive Officer for the nation’s bankruptcy program, Assistant Director of Budget at the Justice Department and most recently, as Assistant Inspector General at the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Cincinnati also held a consulting contract with the Department of Justice’s Parole Commission to formulate their budget and assist in policy development relation to criminal justice reform.  He was also an instructor on the federal budget process and held a Top Secret SCI clearance.

Joe Cuddihy

Joe Cuddihy is a retired federal employee with over thirty years of experience in the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security.  Mr. Cuddihy’s expertise lies in immigration and diplomatic policy and operations. During his career, he advanced through the ranks ultimately placing him in leadership positions, including the Assistant Deputy Executive Associate Commissioner for Field Operations for Immigration and Naturalization Service and the first Associate Director for International Affairs for US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). Mr. Cuddihy participated in the executive transfer of authority to the Department of Homeland Security from the Department of Justice for USCIS. While a member of the US Diplomatic Corps, as the Immigration Attaché to the US Ambassador to Italy stationed in Rome, Mr. Cuddihy was responsible for all US immigration operations and policy throughout Europe, Africa, and portions of Asia.  

Anna Maria Farias, Esq.

Anna Maria Farias is a federal Executive Service retiree who has held several positions at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development as a political appointee for the Bush Administration from 2001 – 2008.  As the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Special Initiatives under the auspices of Community Planning and Development in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, she also served as Senior Counsel for HUD Secretary Mel Martinez.   From November 1992-2000, Ms. Farias served as the Executive Director of the Crystal City Housing Authority in Texas. She received the Presidential National Award for being the only Executive Director in the country to reside in public housing. 

Kathy Heuer

Ms. Heuer's experience in healthcare and Federal and State government public service delivers significant value to Federal agencies and the companies that support them as a well-informed trusted advisor. Kathleen Heuer has over twenty-six years of management experience, sixteen years serving Federal government, healthcare non-profit and State government. Ms. Heuer is a CPA and holds a master’s degree in taxation from the University of Wisconsin. Ms. Heuer’s most recent public housing SES position was the Associate Commissioner of Management and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the Food and Drug Administration, as well as serving as the Acting CIO. Ms. Heuer has a strong background in strategic planning, finance, budget formulation and execution, information technology and organizational transformation. Ms. Heuer came to FDA from the HHS where she served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Performance and Planning in the Office of Budget, Technology and Finance and Acting CIO. Ms. Heuer provided leadership for the Unified Financial Management System development effort for HHS, the largest financial management system on the civilian side in the world. Prior to HHS, Ms. Heuer was Controller for University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation, the clinical practice arm of the UW Medical School, supporting over 900 physicians. She was Deputy Secretary for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for over five years where she functioned as COO and oversaw the design and implementation of the Integrated Tax System.

Bruce Meredith

Bruce Meredith served twenty-four years on House Committees on Appropriations and Budget, and on House and Senate Leadership Task Forces on Congressional Budget Process after entering government service in competitive Presidential Management Intern Program, beginning in the Secretary’s Budget Office in the Departments of Agriculture and Housing and Urban Development. For 21 years has provided informational, analytical, planning, representational, advocacy and business development services to private sector organizations in their dealings with the Federal marketplace, and budget process counsel to Federal agencies and foreign governments.  Currently, Mr. Meredith provides companies, associations, and other organizations consulting services for preparing and editing proposals, press releases, newsletters, point papers, letters, and other documentation.

James Neighbors

James G. Neighbors, SES (retired), served in the Department of Defense for thirty-four years, culminating with in the Office of the Secretary of Defense as the Senior Executive in charge of Coordination and Collaboration between the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Upon his retirement, he founded Focusing Forward, LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to working critical infrastructure and cyber security issues in the commercial sector.

During his career, Mr. Neighbors was also the CIO for the Headquarters of the Air Force, where he directed the Cyber, IT, Declassification, Publications and Privacy activities for all of the Air Force assets in the Washington National Capital Region.  As Technical Director for the Air Force Communications, he directed the air and ground network and information management policy and architecture development and also creation of the first Cyber Range Training and Gulf War Coalition networking projects.  Mr. Neighbors has been involved with, and later led, many crisis response activities including the Fort Hood shooter, Hurricane Katrina Relief, Air Force Nuclear Accountability and Y2K.

John Osthaus

John Osthaus possesses over twenty years of experience in managing highly complex legislation focused on appropriations for the U.S. Department of State, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Commerce. During his twenty-two year career with the House Appropriations Committee, he served for fifteen years as chief of staff for the Subcommittee on the Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce, the Judiciary, and twenty independent agencies.

Joanne Sullivan

Joanne Sullivan is a senior executive strategist, management consultant and operations professional with over twenty-five years of leadership experience working with government and commercial customers.  She specializes in capture/proposal executive leadership, program/project management, organizational strategy and communications, enterprise design and transformation, business process reengineering, and implementation planning and execution. Ms. Sullivan’s experience spans both government and commercial customers in a number of industries including oil and gas, financial services, international development, consumer products, and immigration. From a capture perspective she has led efforts that include positions on IDIQs valuing $2.8B and single task order awards in excess of $100M.  She has led both domestic and international teams of varying sizes - on projects upwards of $100M. She is known for her ability to think strategically, solve complex account strategy and operational issues, and develop new and organic business in both current and new customer accounts. Ms. Sullivan has an outstanding ability to build and maintain long term customer relationships at the C-level and throughout the organization to ensure successful business outcomes. 

Mary Ann Troanovitch

Mary Ann Troanovitch is a mission-oriented manager with thirty-nine years of State and Federal government experience.  Formerly, a manager in the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CMS), her program experience includes managing the development of national health care policies through the promulgation of health care regulations under the Medicare and Medicaid programs, social and health disparity issues, and strategic planning.  As Director, Regulations Management Team, in the CMS, she managed aspects related to the final stages of the regulatory process including over one hundred regulations published in a year.  She led efforts to ensure timely decision making, approval and publication of Medicare and Medicaid regulations.  Prior to that, she led a DHHS wide task force and a CMS work group that looked at ways to reinvent regulations.   Ms. Troanovitch represented CMS on Vice President Gore’s Task Force on reinventing regulations and the e-rulemaking initiative.  She coordinated and facilitated the negotiation of acceptable solutions to complex health policy issues raised during regulation clearances, often with senior officials in the DHHS and OMB as well as the DOL, SBA, and Treasury.

Frank E. Washburn

Mr. Washburn has over thirty-five years of experience in the system integrator market.  He provides senior capture strategy, operations and program management focused on the Department of Veterans Affairs.  He has extensive experience supporting the Veterans Benefits Administration with focus on Compensation & Pension and Insurance as well as the VA corporate enterprise and infrastructure.

Virginia Wereszynski

Virginia (Ginna) Wereszynski has over thirty-one years of leadership and senior management positions in military service and executive consulting.  She is a senior healthcare executive with a focus on military health services, medical administration, emergency management, expeditionary operations, and disaster response.  Most recently, she has been an executive consultant working in strategic planning, business development, healthcare management, contingency planning, and test/evaluation.  In addition to her consulting skills, Mrs. Wereszynski leads our team of highly qualified executive consultants and directs business activities at our Washington DC office to include client business development and strategic planning, Federal market analysis, executive consulting, and proposal assistance.